Netherlands based Orange Capital Management BV is an official and registered Senior Broker for Amergeris Wealth Management and Amergeris Global Listing and Exchange Services NV.

Listing your company or fund on an exchange brings many benefits. Along with increased market exposure, a higher public profile and increased credibility, one of the most important benefits is an improved perception of the company and thus greater interest on the part of external investors. For investors, the fact that a company is listed on an exchange means that this company has passed the demanding due diligence process required by the exchange and complies with strict rules concerning corporate governance and transparency. More potential investors therefore will also be interested in buying securities, which gives the investment a more liquid nature. Even with all these benefits, the decision to list is usually not taken lightly. It means that a company used to operating on a private basis now must operate in the public domain and will have to adjust its actions accordingly. The decision also requires a certain investment in legal fees, auditor’s fees, etc. Listing on the DCSX (Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange) eases the transition from a private to public company. While the company will be subject to scrutiny and information will need to be disclosed, the costs involved are still at a level affordable to most interested parties.

Amergeris Global Listing And Exchange Services N.V. (Amergeris) is a licensed company in Curaçao acting as a prime listing agent and broker of the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX).
Our core business is to coordinate and manage the pre and post-listing process of securities on the DCSX. We play a defining role for both issuers and investors as we ensure that the securities to be listed will fulfill the exchange’s requirements and its obligations to inform the public of market relevant data.
Amergeris is responsible for advising and guiding a company on its responsibilities in relation to its admission to the DCSX as well as its continuing obligations once on the market. To help fulfill this role, Amergeris GLEX will: Undertake extensive due diligence to ensure that a company is suitable for the DCSX;

-Provide guidance throughout the flotation process;
-Prepare the company for being on a public market;
-Help prepare the DCSX admission documentation;
-Confirm appropriateness of the company to the exchange;
-Act as the primary regulator throughout a company’s time on the DCSX.

At the DCSX we have developed listing rules for the issuer, tailored to the needs of the market. The emphasis lies on the disclosure of vital information in a cost and time efficient procedure that guides the issuer through the administrative process. The DCSX ensures transparency for the investor and guarantees visibility for the issuer at all times. The listing fees of DCSX are kept highly competitive.

Dear international investor and entrepreneurs,
The Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao is strategically located in the Southern Caribbean between the Americas and being part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands has close ties with the European Union. Curacao has a long tradition as a Service Center for International Business, Trade & Distribution.
The island has a state of the art Information and Communication Technology (ICT) connectivity, including a Tier IV datacenter, with the rest of the world and with its several direct satellite and 5 submarine optic fiber cables it is one of the countries with the highest Internet speed and reliability in the Western Hemisphere to set the tone for Curaçao to spread its wings toward further development of this Global ICT and data service sector.
Curaçao’s diversified economy with sectors such as Tourism, Oil Refinery, International Financial Services, ICT, Logistics and Distribution offers several investment and development opportunities. Moving forward, Curaçao is committed to further strengthening these economic pillars and developing new ones.


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