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Bij Center Parcs ontvangt u 5% gegarandeerde huur of minimaal 3% variabele huur + een percentage van de totale huuromzet. Via OranjeVM  kunt u zorgeloos investeren in een Center Parcs vakantiewoningen in Nederland, België of Duitsland. Oranje Vermogensmanagement BV treedt op als een officieel verkopend MAKELAAR voor de Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Groep. Door beide partijen is overeengekomen dat OranjeVM zowel bestaande vakantiehuizen op de bestaande parken van de PVCP Groep mag aanbieden alsook de appartementen en cottages op de nieuw te ontwikkelen vakantieparken.

Development project for the Allgau Center Parcs in Germany
Allgau Center Parcs
The Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs Group is considering the development of a sixth Center Parcs in Leutkirch im Allgäu, in the southern German state of Baden-Württemberg.
Located at the centre of the triangle formed by Stuttgart, Munich and Zurich, and less than three hours’ drive away from each of these cities, the Center Parcs Holiday Village will spread out over 184 hectares of forested area with several lakes.
This Holiday Village will offer 1,000 cottages, each able to accommodate between 2 and 12 people, as well as 20,000 m² worth of central facilities including a water park (Aqua Mundo), shops, restaurants, and sporting and leisure activities. It is scheduled to open in 2018.

Renovation project for the Vielsam Center Parcs in Belgium
Vielsam Center Parcs
The Group is upscaling its tourist offer by renovating the Vielsam Center Parcs in Belgium. This Holiday Village is set in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes region, 35 km from Spa and 70 km from Liège – an extremely popular destination with Belgian and Dutch tourists, and pure paradise for hikers and bikers.
The Vielsam Holiday Village is situated 10 minutes’ walk away from the city centre, in a protected natural area. You can get around on foot or by bike.
The Village is made up of 350 cottages, and will soon be renovated to integrate perfectly with its environment. In addition to Aqua Mundo and the spa, the new Village will offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities: an adventure course, tennis courts, mini-golf, pony riding, bowling, indoor potholing, etc.

Renovation project for the Port Zelande Center Parcs in the Netherlands
Port Zelande Center Parcs
Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs is pursuing the property development of its Center Parcs brand, with the renovation of the Port Zelande Holiday Village in the Netherlands. This Village is located one hour’s drive away from Rotterdam and one and a half hours from Antwerp – on the shores of Grevelingen Lake, one of the largest salt water lakes in Europe, and just a short distance from the North Sea. It offers 554 cottages, all entirely redesigned and renovated, with beautiful views out over the harbour, the lake or the beach. Center Parcs Port Zelande offers sporting and leisure activities year-round, as well as water sports (sailing, diving, windsurfing, etc), a water park (the Aqua Mundo), shops and restaurants.

Renovation project for the Nordseekuste Center Parcs in Germany
Nordseekuste Center Parcs
The Pierre-Vacances-Center Parcs Group is pursuing its renovation policy in Germany’s Nordseeküste Holiday Village in Germany, just one hour’s drive away from Bremen and two hours away from Hamburg.   It is located on the peninsula in the North Sea, just a few steps away from the water and in the heart of the Wadden Sea National Park, a unique habitat for 10,000 animal and plant species, classified as a UNESCO world heritage site. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Germans.
The Village offers 248 cottages and 97 apartments, all entirely renovated, with furniture and interior decor inspired by the Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) region and the North Sea.   It offers varied sporting and leisure activities all year round, a water park (Aqua Mundo), as well as shops and restaurants in the Market Dome.


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