Greek shipping facts

Finally some Greek shipping families are going to pay a little tax, about €140 mln. Which actually is more a gesture then a real contribution to solving the debt problem? Bear in mind that Greece has the largest merchant fleet in the world. 18.5 % of the total world fleet is Greek, but most fly a non Greek flag to avoid tax. The U.S. own about 5.5 % of the world shipping fleet. Bloomberg calculated that in the last 10 years $175 bln of tax free money flowed back to Greece. That is pure profit. Who knows what the total number is, but in my humble opinion the 900 families that own the shipping companies can solve the Greek debt situation in a jiffy. If you want to take part in the game, capitalist that you are, then check out these names:
Navios, ticker NM, profit margin 13.16% dividend 6.3%
Diana, ticker DCIX, profit margin 20% dividend 22.26%
Costamare, ticker CMRE, profit margin 22.4% dividend 8.11%
Capital Product, ticker CPLP profit margin 49.95% dividend 12.6%
Safe Bulkers, ticker SB, profit margin 48.99%, dividend 12.47%
Navios Maritime, ticker NMM profit margin 34%, dividend 12.35 %

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